A mini detail will basically tidy up your car on the inside and the outside. This service includes

  • washing your car,
  • cleaning the doorjambs,
  • a light cleaning of dash,
  • door panels and center console,
  • cleaning the windows inside and out,
  • vacuuming your car and
  • shampooing your floor mats.
  • Tire dressing is applied.

Interior Supreme

We will completely clean the interior of your car. This includes

  • vacuuming,
  • shampooing floor mats,  carpets, and seats;
    if the seats are leather we clean and condition them,
  • all paneling and the dash will be scrubbed and cleaned as well as center console and all cup holders and visors,
  • door-jambs will be cleaned, including the trunk and
    windows will be cleaned inside and out.

Bronze Level Detail

  • Your car will be washed including doorjambs, windows cleaned inside and out.
  • All paneling on the interior will be scrubbed and cleaned as well as center console, and and a six-month protective paint sealant applied to the exterior of your car.
  • The interior will be completely cleaned and the floor mats will be shampooed.
  • Tire dressing applied.

Silver Level Detail

This detail is also referred to as the “for sale” detail, which a lot of customers do prior to the sale of their car.

  • Your car will be detailed like our bronze package, and in addition we will shampoo all the carpets in the car as well as the seats.
  • If your interior is leather, the leather seats will be cleaned with leather cleaner and then conditioned with a leather conditioner.

Gold Level Detail

This detail is for clients that need a lot of interior work as well as paint correction.

  • We will perform a silver level detail, but in addition, we will buff and polish your paint. This is required when your paint gets chalky or has a lot of spider webbing or swirl marks in the paint when you look at the car in direct sunlight.
  • Minor scratches will be removed through the buffing process.
  • We can also remove some deeper scratches but we will need to look at your car to determine how deep the scratches are to determine if they can be removed.

Boat Detailing

Typically boats come to us when the gel coat gets oxidized and the seats and interiors get mildewy.

  • We polish your boat to remove the oxidation and then apply a protective sealant.
  • We clean all your vinyl and treat it with vinyl protectant.
  • We also vacuum and shampoo all the carpets.
  • We can polish out the paint on your trailer if required.

RV Detailing

Just like boats the gel coat on RV’s typically get oxidized. We can remove this oxidation and seal the gel coat on your RV with a protective sealant.