What is Opti-Coat?

Opti-coat is a hardwearing, hand applied ceramic clear coat for your paint. It is 100 times thicker than your typical wax or paint sealant, thus making it resistant to scratching and chemical etching by things such as bird droppings. This product is permanent once applied, it can only be removed by machine polishing or sanding. Opti-coat will outlast any conventional wax or sealant and carries with it a 7-year warranty against oxidation or staining on vehicles 6 years old and newer, older cars carry a 2 year warranty. It is a great choice for any new car to keep the paint in pristine condition or any used car after polishing for paint restoration to keep the car’s paint in great condition.

The Process

Machine Polishing- Every car, even most new ones have some light swirl marks, water sports or contamination in the paint of the car which needs to be removed through machine polishing prior to applying Opti-coat, since it is a permanent coating. For machine polishing we use a dual action polisher with the best compounds on the market. Generally we do a 2-step machine polish but may do more or less, depending on what is needed for proper paint correction. The machine polishing also removes any wax or polishing oils that may be on the paint in order to allow the opti-coat to adhere best to the exterior or the car.


Opti-coat must be applied to the clean paint surface in an indoor environment; this ensures that no dust or pollen will stick to it during the application process. It is an applied then excess product is wiped in to ensure you are left with an evenly applied, sparkling ceramic finish.


Opti-coated cars generally require less washing than traditionally waxed cars do, the dust and pollen just doesn’t stick to the ceramic coating like normal. When you do wash your car we suggest a hand car wash or touch less car wash over the drive through machine washes. It is less abrasive to your car’s exterior. There is also no need for additional wax to be applied over the layer of opti-coat and the opticoat comes with a 5 year warranty on cars five years old and newer, so no more annual wax jobs.